Hedley Goodall

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He was born in 1904, in Bedminster, Bristol, the son of Wilfrid (a shop assistant) and Elizabeth.

His parents had given him a wonderful stage name that happened to be his real name.

He died in 2000, in North Somerset. He had reached the ripe old age of 96.

He was a respected actor in the Bristol area and had gained work on BBC radio and later on television. He appeared in the TV series Lorna Doone in 1963.

One of Hedley's acting moments is captured for all time, when he appeared in the RKO feature film THE YELLOW CANARY in 1943. He played a Canadian Passport Officer. Whilst he doesn't appear in the film credits, it was a speaking role. The stars of the film were Anna Neagle, Richard Greene and Margaret Rutherford. The scene can be found on the internet. Select 'You Tube' and key in 'Yellow Canary 1943'. Go to approx 44mins.52secs to 46mins.22secs.

When he joined St.Brendan's teaching staff, he brought an immeasurable enthusiasm to drama and elocution. There will be hardly a single Old Boy who will forget the experience. "Blow your words forward - from the diaphragm".

Here is the programme for the St Brendan's school play in February 1947. Hedley's autograph can be seen on the programme, along with pupils John Blake and Peter Pullin.


In 1972 he made an appearance in the TV Series ARTHUR OF THE BRITONS, episode 4 (The Penitent Invader). He played the role of The Abbot. His appearance can now be seen on YOUTUBE. Go to the YouTube site, then key in 'The Penitent Invader' and hey presto you are about to see and hear Hedley in a splendid (albeit small) role. His appearances are timed at 09:04 and then very briefly at 22:19. His name is boldly included in the credits at 25:10.

In 1979 Hedley retired from St. Brendan's. The following six photographs help capture the spirit of the event. (Photographs courtesy of old boy Mike Corrigan).


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