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Welcome to the website for former pupils of St.Brendanís College, Bristol.

This website would not have been possible without the many kind contributions. Please email your views on the site and any images or text that you think others would like to see. Your email address (and home address if you wish) can be added to the contact list (strictly not for publication) and up-dates mailed to you. Related links can also be added but would prefer them not to be of a commercial nature. Please email to the site founder Tony Hill.

This website has the support of the present school, St.Brendan's Sixth Form College, and their website link is

Acknowledgements; Christian Brothers Dublin, David Torpy, Bert Adams, Alan Wright, Den Wright, St. Brendanís (Centenary Yearbook), Sean and Peter Maddalena, Christopher Surr, Mary Moore (nee Prescott), Chris Woodhouse, Christine Hayward of St. Brendanís Sixth Form College. Apologies to anyone omitted.

Once your visit to this site is over, there is another St. Brendan's website that you really must go to, particularly if you attended Berkeley Square. Created by former pupil Denis Wright.