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Caretakers and groundsmen have dedicated many years of their lives to the upkeep of the school buildings and grounds. It would be remiss not to include them in this website.

Perhaps the accolade of star groundsman of the Brislington era has to go to Mr. Murphy. A real character who appeared to lend a regimental quality to his role as head groundsman.

Mary Prescott would perhaps be in contention for the honour of star secretary. Mrs. McCarthy played an important role and there will indeed be many others.

Caretaker has always been a key role at the school. Amongst the list, Steve Beavan stands out, he began the job in 1974 and was still there in 2014. Steve could write a book on the comings and goings, a 'behind the scenes' at Brislington. One event (1976) will always be to the fore of his memories. He was asked to help dig some holes near the cricket pavilion. His shovel hit a metal object. "It's a bomb" he yelled. Murphy was summoned, who promptly declared "my lord, it really is a bomb - phone the police". Ten minutes later, police were swarming and Bomb Disposal were summoned, who confirmed it was a World War II bomb. After it was safely deactivated, Steve pondered the thought of how close he had come to being blown to kingdom come, along with the cricket pavilion. Other Steve memories include the day the roof was stripped of copper and as a result, some of the classrooms were flooded, then there was the discovery of three fires, all caught in time by Steve, who heroically saved the buildings from destruction and not forgetting the day he came into work to find the trophy cabinet broken into and all of the prestigious trophies removed by thieves.

A number of photographs on this website are thanks to Steve saving them from the skip in 2008.

Steve Beavan (2014)