John Pascoe

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It will be no surprise to his former school friends, that John Pascoe would be successful in one or more fields of showbusiness. He has made quite a name for himself in the opera world and here's a message sent to this website on 12th April 2021. You can contact John through his rather impressive website

My name in John Pascoe & I am hoping to be in touch with pupils between the period of 1964 to 1968 to see if anyone still might have photos of us as students.

At the end of this month I'm receiving a life time achievement award from the university of Turin's vocal arts department for my work in opera, "The Golden Ark" ( L'Arca D'Oro) Its been award to the greatest conductors in the world for 'promoting' Itlaian opera. I'm incredibly flattered and honoured to be this years winner.

Within the ceremony I want to thank St Brendans college, I was a student there 50 years ago and in about 1974 , the music teacher (Mr Luckman), played the class some recordings of opera, included among them were artists Maria Callas & Joan Sutherland. I was so struck by their incredible voices, that following the class I spoke to him and he suggested maybe I would like to be an opera designer? I was 13 years old, & decided yes & specifically to create productions for these tow famous divas.

Unfortunately for me, Callas died in 1977, so I was unable to fulfil that aim but In 1980, I made my debut at London's Royal Opera House designing scenery for Joan Sutherland's 30 anniversary production of Lucrezia Borgia. I went o on to create 6 productions for her, as both stage director and set & costume designer.

Since then I've worked all over the world with all of the greatest singers among them Domingo, Fleming, & Grigolo.

I'm hoping that someone might have some pics from that long ago time period! (I left in 1968 to ago to art college).